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Enhancing Your Visitor Experience

Multimedia and audio are powerful tools for enhancing visitor experience in museums, exhibitions, and cultural sites. They can provide engaging and interactive content that enriches the learning and enjoyment of visitors. By using multimedia and audio, museums and cultural sites can create memorable and meaningful experiences for their visitors. 

HeriTech Media UK Ltd proudly stands as the sole distributor for the innovative Museummate EasyGuide digital and SmartGuide multimedia solutions across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our commitment to enhancing the visitor experience through advanced technology is unwavering, as we bring cutting-edge solutions to museums and cultural sites. 

Introducing Our Products

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EasyGuide is a Progressive Web Application that combines the best of both web and native mobile technologies to provide an app-like experience to users without requiring them to download or install an app from an app store. 

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The SmartGuide Visitor Assistant changes the way we discover and enjoy Museums and Historical Sites. It’s a companion that helps you explore and appreciate the Museum in a new way. With its interactive features and personalised recommendations, you can enjoy the Museum at your own pace and style. 

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