About Heritech Media

A leading digital content agency that helps Heritage Sites, Museums and Visitor Attractions. 

Phil Armstrong

I started my company to link my passion for history and culture with my ethos of delivering customer excellence. With a background in sales and a deep appreciation for history and cultural diversity, I believe that understanding the past helps us shape a better future. 

As the founder of HeriTech Media UK, I strive to build lasting and positive relationships with our clients, from the initial contact to the final evaluation. We aim to deliver Customer Excellence and create meaningful experiences by blending your historical content with our modern solutions. 

HeriTech Media is a leading digital content agency that helps Heritage Sites, Museums and Visitor Attractions. We offer a range of services, including audio and multimedia guides, progressive web applications, fully immersive content, and more.

We have a team of experts who are passionate about delivering results and exceeding expectations. We tailor our solutions to fit each client’s goals, budget, and vision.

HeriTech Media UK Ltd proudly stands as the sole distributor for the innovative Museummate EasyGuide digital and SmartGuide multimedia solutions across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our commitment to enhancing the visitor experience through advanced technology is unwavering, as we bring cutting-edge solutions to museums and cultural sites.  

Whether you are looking for immersive audio and/or video content, to modernise your audioguide, compliment your existing offering with a digital solution, interactive gaming, or augmented reality, HeriTech Media UK is the partner you can trust to elevate your visitor experience with our comprehensive services.  

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Introducing Musemmate


MuseumMate has its Head Office located in Madrid, Spain, as well as other international offices located in Rome, Italy and in Lisbon, Portugal.

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MuseumMate have been promoting the use of technology and digital solutions in museums and cultural institutions worldwide since 1996. During this period, hundreds of audioguide services have been implemented in many important museums, historical, archaeological, and cultural sites, including those located very close to their Madrid Headquarters. 

Their mission is twofold:

  • on the one hand to improve access and the quality of public visits to museums and monuments
  • and on the other hand, to facilitate and improve the work of museum management

The great challenge today is to provide all categories of the public with easy on-site access to museum visits through both a physical and digital solution that enables each person, with different backgrounds and expectations, to enhance their visit experience.  

MuseumMate designs, manufactures, and supplies its own hardware devices for both the traditional audioguide system (Guidoo Video) and the latest generation system, more appropriately defined as a “Visitor Assistant” and available in two versions, depending on the museum’s preferences and the choice of the visitors themselves: a physical multimedia guide (SmartGuide) and a digital progressive web app model (EasyGuide).