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Storytelling, we know how to hook your new visitor

Audio tours are a great way to enhance the visitors’ experience, as they can learn at their own pace, choose their own topics, and enjoy the sounds and sights of the place. 

When creating an audio tour, you need to consider how to provide information and immersion to the listeners. You want to inform them about the place they are visiting, but also make them feel engaged and interested.  

The audio tour should not only convey the historical and cultural significance, but also allow the visitors to appreciate its architectural and artistic features. A good audio tour should balance these aspects and avoid being too dry or too distracting. 

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Content Production

Imagine visiting a museum or a cultural site and having a personal guide who can tell you fascinating stories, facts and insights about the exhibits. That’s what HeriTech Media UK can offer you. 


We have a brilliant team of scriptwriters who know how to craft captivating and informative content for all visitor profiles.

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We have a diverse pool of narrators who can bring any topic to life with their unique combination of voice and style.

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We have a creative team who have experience working with clients all over Europe and creating bespoke solutions.

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We have a a production studio that uses the most advanced technology to ensure the highest quality of sound and delivery.

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Attract the visitors’ attention throughout the entire visit

A well-written and engaging script is essential for creating a memorable audio tour that invites visitors to explore and appreciate their environment.  

A good script should be concise, clear, and informative, but also lively, humorous, and personal. It should make the visitors feel like they are having a conversation with a knowledgeable and friendly guide, who can show them the hidden gems and the fascinating history of their surroundings. 

By applying audio production techniques during the editing phase, the narration can be enhanced with sound effects, music and pauses that create a mood of wonder, reflection, and learning.