Innovative Smart Guide™ Visitor Assistant Technology, based on the experience of millions of audio guide users.

Smart technology designed for Museums and Monuments

Technology moves the world. Over the years it has revolutionised every aspect of our lives, from the way we communicate with each other, to the way we learn new skills, to the way we explore new places and possibilities. 

Thanks to the SmartGuide Visitor Assistant, it also changes the way we discover and enjoy Museums and Historical Sites. It’s a companion that helps you explore and appreciate the Museum in a new way. With its interactive features and personalised recommendations, you can enjoy the Museum at your own pace and style. 

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The SmartGuide Visitor Assistant is a cutting-edge solution that allows visitors to access the most relevant and engaging content for the Museum environment.

It also has features that enable optimal and real-time visitor management, such as tracking visitor flows, adjusting content delivery, and providing feedback and analytics.

This way, visitors can have a smooth and satisfying experience at the Museum, while the Museum can optimise its operations and improve its services. 


Imagine having access to a wealth of content for every artwork in the Museum and being able to share it with your visitors in a personalised way. That’s what the SmartGuide Visitor Assistant can do for you. It’s a powerful tool that lets you choose from different types of resources, such as audio, video, text, images, and more, and create engaging experiences for your visitors.  

You can also customise the content according to your visitors’ preferences, interests, and needs. With the SmartGuide Visitor Assistant, you can make the most of the Museums’ content and offer your visitors a unique and memorable visit. 


PRT technology is a technology developed exclusively by MuseumMate that allows visitors to access content with a simple gesture.

With the traditional Audio Guide, visitors must make up to four clicks to access the content, with PRT technology it only takes one click, achieving a faster and more interactive visit.

With the PRT technology of the Smart Guide Visitor Assistant It will no longer be necessary to identify the artworks with the number to dial or replace them when an artwork changes location.

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