Casa Natal Pablo Picasso

The “Casa Natal” or birthplace of the world-famous artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso has been an official heritage site since 1983. It is situated in the heart of the historic centre of Malaga, surrounded by monuments from Malaga’s rich past. 

The Challenge

The Birthplace of Pablo Picasso in Malaga (Spain) receives thousands of visitors every year, eager to know the birthplace of the most famous painter. The visit takes place between different spaces, many of them maintaining the structure of the original dwelling. 

This peculiarity implies that some spaces have a limited capacity that requires agile and safe visitor management. The audioguide needed to play an essential role in disseminating and managing the flow of visitors. 

The Solution

To solve the challenges an optional audioguide service was implemented, at a very low price so that it would be used by a large number of visitors. Thanks to the quality of the content production and the narrative and communication techniques used, the flows were managed to avoid bottlenecks in the most sensitive areas of the House. 

The service was provided with its own staff that attended the visitors and informed about the use of the audioguide during the visit. 

Casa Pablo Picasso 2

The Result

The launch of the service was a great success, as it attracted many visitors and received positive feedback. The service was able to handle the traffic efficiently and securely, without causing any delays or issues. 

Service Summary

  • Staff: MusemMate
  • Solution: Guidoo Video
  • Content: Produced by MuseumMate
  • Languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian.