Palacio Real De Madrid

The Palacio Real de Madrid (Royal Palace of Madrid) is the official residence of the Spanish royal family in the city of Madrid, although now used only for state ceremonies. Considered the largest Royal Palace in Europe, the palace contains 3,418 rooms.  

The Challenge

In 2001 Patrimonio Nacional, the managing institution of all the Royal Palaces sought to incorporate an audioguide service for the visit to the Royal Palace of Madrid, and the valuable heritage it houses within its walls. 

The visit covers different rooms of the Palace, as well as the Royal Pharmacy and the Armory. The content of historical, artistic, and architectural character of the Palace required a great effort on the part of the writers and the rest of the Production team. 

The Solution

MuseumMate, who are also based in Madrid were tasked with bringing the history to life, whilst highlighting the significant importance of this Palace 

After a process of content production that required the approval of Conservatives and National Heritage Managers, the service was launched in the Palace Hall from which the audioguide is offered to more than 1.5 million visitors that come to this great Palace annually. 

Real Palacio 2

The Result

After a resounding success of the audioguide service in the Royal Palace, the same solution was subsequently implemented into other Palaces and sites dependent on National Heritage, some of which are also included in this Customer Stories on section.

Service Summary

  • Device: Guidoo Video
  • Content: Produced by MuseumMate
  • Languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Sign Language, and a dedicated Family Tour.