Reggia Di Colorno 

The Ducal Palace, also known as the Reggia di Colorno, is a building in the territory of Colorno, Emilia Romagna, Italy. Due to its beauty and wealth, it is defined as the Versailles of the Dukes of Parma

The Challenge

The Province of Parma has undertaken a project to improve the Colorno Palace with the aim of offering visitors a guided tour of the Palace and the forthcoming exhibition ‘Porcelain of the Dukes of Parma. Masterpieces from the Great European Manufactures of the 18th Century’. 

The leadership team sought to integrate a solution that would not only provide content for users but also empower them to orchestrate their experiences through the use of big data and analytics. This tool aims to deliver a dual benefit: enriching the visitor’s journey and enhancing management capabilities with intelligent data insights. 

The Solution

To alleviate the ongoing hardware maintenance demands, the EasyGuide digital platform was chosen. This innovative solution enriches visitor engagement by providing immersive multimedia content and facilitating an understanding of the Collection through an intuitive and captivating navigation interface tailored for the Palace’s unique environment. 

EasyGuide Visitor Analytics empowers museum staff with essential data for informed decision-making. It captures comprehensive insights into visitor behaviour, patterns, and preferences throughout their entire experience, facilitating a data-driven approach to operations and exhibit management. 

Reggia Di Colorno2

The Result

Easyguide enhances the visitor experience at the Reggia di Colorno by providing a comprehensive digital companion. This innovative web application serves as a gateway to the rich narratives that each piece in the Collection holds, delivering expert interpretations that add depth to the viewing experience.  

Additionally, Easyguide curates a thoughtful journey through the palace’s extensive collections and its picturesque gardens, ensuring that visitors don’t miss any highlights and can appreciate the historical and artistic significance of the Reggia di Colorno to the fullest.  

Whether it’s uncovering the hidden tales behind each exhibit or simply guiding you through the natural and architectural beauty, Easyguide is your personal tour guide to a more engaging and informative visit. 

Service Summary

  • Device: EasyGuide
  • Content: Produced by MuseumMate
  • Languages: Italian, French and English.