Need a digital spark for your touring exhibition without the strings of long-term commitment? HeriTech Media UK delivers with a short-term, tailor-made licence that fits just right. 

Exciting news for all exhibition curators and event organisers! HeriTech Media UK is thrilled to announce our latest EasyGuide digital application offering: a flexible, short-term licensing solution designed to electrify your touring exhibitions.   

Step into the future of exhibition excellence with HeriTech Media UK’s groundbreaking proposition for touring and temporary displays! Say goodbye to the constraints of long-term commitments and hello to a custom-fit digital enhancement that aligns perfectly with your project’s timeline.  

Our immersive content will captivate your audience, while our user-friendly Content Management System places the reins of creativity firmly in your hands, allowing for real-time content updates that keep your display fresh and engaging.  

What’s more, our Visitor Analytics tool puts valuable insights at your fingertips, enabling you to track engagement and fine-tune your exhibition to perfection. This is more than just an enhancement; it’s a revolution in exhibition management, offering a clear window into the preferences and behaviours of your audience. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your exhibition experience with HeriTech Media UK’s innovative approach. Let’s make your exhibition the talk of the town!  

For more information and to discuss our bespoke short-term licences, contact us on or call 0207 193 2220. 

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